Maintenance and improvement of the biological standards

One important task of the Cegléd Branch is the maintenance of gene bank plantations, central stock nurseries, research plantations and industrial plant nurseries, in cooperation with the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (NARIC).

Production of propagation material

The other important task is essentially the main activity: the industrial production, which can be separated into several parts. One important part is the production of scions; mainly we produce Hungarian cultivars (most of them are from Cegléd), and naturalized cultivars of apricot and plum, but we also market sour cherry, sweet cherry, apple, quince, medlar, pear, peach and almond cultivars as well in order to broaden the range of our services.

In our market we pursue retail marketing as well, if our customer wishes to buy even one piece of scion, we will gladly sell it.

We also produce the seedlings required for the production of scions; we produce 450.000 pieces of seedling annually, for own use and also for selling to tree nurseries as well.

From the seedlings we grow the cultivars of Cegléd, which are well adapted to the Hungarian climatic conditions.

Fruit production

Besides the propagation material production, we also deal with fruit production as well. We produce mainly sour cherries, and apples and plums in smaller quantities.

Field production of crops

As a supplementary pursuit, we deal with the field production of crops, where we grow maize, sunflower, winter wheat, triticale and swede rape in crop rotation. We cultivate primary Hungarian cultivars.

Fields, sites

Arable lands 450 ha
Orchards 15 ha
Tree nursery 75 ha
Seedling nursery 17 ha

Contact details

Adress 2700 Cegléd, Szolnoki street 52. (Location
Phone number +36706820307
Email cegled@mkszn.hu
Leader Pap Gábor, +36 70 491 7826
Accountant Mihályi Krisztina, +36706820307