About us

Since predecessor company foundation in 1949, the Hungarian Horticultural Propagation Material Non-profit Ltd. (HHPMN Ltd.) has offered the initiation and execution of high quality practical solutions for research and development and innovation plans that improve the competitiveness and promotes the sustainability of the Hungarian agricultural sector.

HHPMN achieves the research and development of such cultivation practices, which fulfil the genetic potential of cultivars, enabling them to appear in the economic outcomes as well.

It carries out the adaptation and examination of novel cultivars that meet expectations of the modern food industry.

It is a Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) enterprise, with full national coverage in the field of production and distribution of horticultural propagation materials.


  • Érd, Elvira major 1.

  • Cegléd, Szolnoki street 52.

  • Sarród, Kossuth Lajos street 57.

Our company produces the propagation material for more than 19 species and 290 varieties and cultivars. To fulfil the needs of the constantly changing market environment, the propagation material production can be expanded to a wider range. We have an important role in the technological research regarding woody plants and berries, and in the supplying of the Hungarian tree nurseries with virus-free propagation material.

We have an extensive capacity and expertise in themicro-propagation of fruit trees (including seeds of druppes / wlanut, almond) and trees, important in forestry..

We market 150.000 pieces of scions, 450.000 pieces of seedlings and 350.000 pieces of berry shrubs annually.

Besides the propagation material production, HHPMN Ltd. is also involved in providing high-level consultancy services regarding planting and cultivation. Our experts have several decades of experience and outstanding scientific background in the field.


  • Plantation design

  • Cadastral classification

  • Site quality evaluation

  • Laboratory testing

  • Planting consultancy

  • Cultivation consultancy