Erd Head office


The Hungarian Horticultural Propagation Material Non-profit Ltd. was founded as a successor to the National Fruit and Ornamental Plant Research and Development Non-profit Association Ltd. in January 7, 2015.


Biological basis

The biological basis of the fruit growing are the gene bank plantations, nuclear stocks and propagation stocks. We carry out the maintenance and renewal, replanting of these plantations in cooperation with the researchers of NARIC . WE produce  virus-free graftwood, softwood cuttings, and budwood as well as young plants and rootstocks for further propagation.

Research plantations

In the frame of the cooperation agreement between HHPMN Ltd. and NARIC , our company maintains a total of 45 hectares of research plantation, in order to successfully carry out the research projects of NARIC .

Tree nursery production

Our company produces scions for grafted trees, of stone fruits such as sweet cherry, sour cherry, plum, peach, apricot, walnut and almond, pip fruits such apple, pear, medlar and quince in large variety. We produce rose scions from Hungarian rose cultivars, branded by Gergely Márk.

Fruit production

The sweet cherry is planted on 5 hectares, the sour cherry on 24 hectares and the apricot is on 15 hectares, at the Elvira major in Érd.

Arable lands

To optimally exploit the land assets of our company, we had to consider the following important aspects: crop rotation at the tree nursery, viral isolation of the nuclear stocks apple mother beds and irrigation possibilities. On these arable lands we carry out the production of hybrid corn, lucern and soy seeds.

Other activities

At our site at Elvira, we operate a cooling house for fruits, a workers hostel for 80 persons, an irrigation facility on 200 hectares and a machine repair facility. Throughout the country we work together with 6 tree stockists and numerous distributors.


Arable lands 450 ha
Idle land 15 ha
Orchard 75 ha
Tree nursery 17 ha

Contact information

Address 2030 Erd, Elvira major 1. (Location)
Phone number +36 23 389 478, +36 23 388 006
Leader Áron Márkus , +36 70 941 7779
Chief Accountant Ildikó Szabó, +36 70 682 0305
Accountant István Nagy, +36 70 492 8490